Monday, March 31, 2008

Watching Movies with Kids

I am in love with the movie Enchanted. So, today when my saint of a sister (did I mention she came over on her day off to babysit - and brought supper for us with her!!) came over, she had to see it.

My girls could have seen a movie 50 times, read a book a hundred times - and still they pepper you with questions as though it is their first time. Every time.

The heroine Giselle shows up at the ball - Eden asks "Where did she get ready?" (I don't know!)

The single dad is at the ball, and Madison asks "Who's taking care of [his daughter] Morgan?" (um... a babysitter?)

and my favourite....

from Madi: "When the people who play in this movie kiss... are they really kissing?"

At one point I had to ask a question. There is a part where Giselle has just realized her feelings for Patrick Dempsey (hello! I could have told her about Dr. McDreamy ages before she clued in!) and is daydreaming about him. I said to Madi - "What do you think she's dreaming about?"

Her response? "Probably Pip the Chipmunk."

Oh, I love the innocence! As annoying as the questions can be after the 500th "why?" - I hope the questioning never ends.


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