Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Winner

Congratulations to Andrea on winning the Father's Day contest! Here is a portion of her moving story of her dad...

22years ago, we were the only family who's parents were splitting up. For two kids that is pretty tramaic. AT the time, most people figured that we would live with our mom. Kids, to most people, would naturally go with their mom. IT didn't happen in our house. I remember the day clearly, my father standing on the stoop watching my mom remove her final things from the home to leave…..I remember her turning around, with such anger to tell him that she was still going to take "us kids"…and I remember my dad calmly telling her "you can take any material thing you want, but you will NEVER get our children. They belong here in their HOME."

That day, he became my hero.

...The day I told him I was going to be a mom myself, he smiled, with tears, and told me the same day he had been diagnosed with a disease that would eventually take all of his sight. The day my son was born, the only words my dad uttered upon arrival to see his first grandchild was "Andrea, I can see him…..I can still see enough to see him…"

Andrea - you have a special bond with your Father and I look forward to photographing you with him this Fall! Thank you to all who entered!



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