Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Mother's Day contest. I love reading your stories of women who have impacted you. There were stories of babysitters, Grandmas and mothers and the constant theme was the simple acts of love they offered. Each contributor would state how they wanted to be like that women who impacted them. What a legacy!
The winner was Wendi and her story struck me - her mother had much to be sour and negative about but she was a consistently strong example in Wendi's life. Thank you, Wendi's mom! You can read part of Wendi's story here:

"The woman that's inspired me most in my life is my mother. My mother has had a hard life. My mother…was a great homemaker and had four beautiful daughters (me being one of them). When I was 4, my little sister passed away (she was 2 years old) and, needless to say, my mother went through a very rough time, as did all of us, but I never once remember seeing her NOT be strong for me. She was always a great, loving and caring mother. After a while, my two other younger sisters were born and still my mom remained a great mother and homemaker. She was very involved in music and taught me to play piano and gave piano lessons out of our home, she inspired me and I became a great pianist myself. My mother raised all three of us girls into the wonderful, strong, independent women we are today. If I can even be half the woman that my Mom was in her life, I know that I will have accomplished a lot.""

Other women that impacted lives were:

I heard time and time again, people take themselves too seriously and God not seriously enough. She really lived the opposite. She didn’t like to be the center of attention but always seemed to draw people to her as she is so sunny and loving.
by Jaci

Sometimes it is hard to put into words what my Mom means to me. She is a Mother, a friend and a great comfort. I've watched her bury two parents, I've watched her raise a son with disabilities and continue to advocate on his behalf, and through it all, she is still strong. She has been there through it all and yet she still loves me. My Mom spoils me and is always thoughtful. When I go home for Christmas the fridge always has chocolate milk! Now that is love!
by Jennifer

My woman of influence was my Mennonite babysitter....warm and tender...she gave me
the gift of time. She didn’t possess any of the worldly qualities we admire...she wasn’t particularly attractive....she had very little money...no education to speak of ...but she was rich in love and personality.
by Katie

I sat quietly wrapped in a blanket the other day on my mother’s couch, and my mother turned to me and sparkled, saying, “you know, looking at you there getting warmed up reminds me of when I used to bathe you. I’d put your pajamas under my shirt to warm them up before you put them on”. I was instantly warmed by this memory. This memory slipped gently into others of my mother transforming my humble life into a rich one with the mere yet magnificent acts and words of a mother.
by Vanessa

If I had to pick one, it would be my Grandma Mac, my maternal
grandmother. You hear a lot of people that have a kindred relationship
something that can't be touched by anyone else and that is what our
relationship was like. As a child, I spoke to her every day,
sometimes calling her in the morning before I left for school, ALWAYS
calling her when I got home to share my day with her. We had an
understanding that was unspoken.
by Andrea

...and there are so many more women who have impacted the lives around you often without knowing. THANK YOU!


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